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20after4.net Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service (TOS)

You must agree to these terms as a condition of use of our service. If you do not agree to these terms, then you are not allowed to use our services and you must leave this site immediately.

Definitions: Within the context of this document, the words "us" and "we" refer to 20after4.net, Doing Business As Twenty After Four Productions, a Missouri business entity. The words "you" and "customer" refers to you, the custemer or authorized user of our service.

  • Acceptable and Unacceptable Use - The following are some examples of uses of our service which are not acceptable and will result in immediate suspension of your account. This is not a complete list and our acceptable use policy is not limited to the examples listed here. The determination of what constitutes unacceptable use will be at our sole disgression.
    1. Illegal use - Your use of our services must not violate any applicable laws or regulations. If we find that you have violated the law then we will immediately suspend your access to this service and notify the apropriate law enforcement or government officials.
    2. Spam - We do not tolerate any form of spam whatsoever. If we determine, at our sole disgression, that you have sent unsolicited commercial email, then we will immediately suspend your access to our service. We do not make exceptions - if you are a spammer then you are not welcome as our customer.
    3. Hacking/Cracking and Theft of Service - We do not tolerate attemtps to breach security of any system, including but not limited to: Local security exploits, Privilage Escilation, Denial of Service Attacks and Network Sniffing. We employ security measures to detect and identify these types of activity and we will act immediately to stop it.
  • Limitation of liability - Except where otherwise stated in this document, use of 20after4.net services is at your own risk and without warrenty. 20after4.net will not be held responsible for data corruption, loss of service or any other loss which results from your use or misuse of the service. If you are not satisfied with the service your sole remedy is to cancel. If you cancel within the first 30 days you are entitled to a refund of any standard service fees paid for your first month of service. Fees incurred due to use of bandwidth or other aditional charges beyond our standard monthly rates will not be refunded.
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