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Application Hosting (Overview):

With network applications hosted by 20after4.net you can save money in more ways than one as well as gaining access to your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Check out these benefits:

Reliability: Our network is robust, reliable and available over 99% of the time.
Accessability: Access your applications from any web browser anywhere in the world!
Savings: By letting our servers do most of the processing you can run "thin" clients and save money with cheaper workstations and fewer hardware upgrades. Software upgrades are included in your monthly fee, when a new version of our software is available we will apply the upgrade automatically with no extra cost to you.
Support: Our knowledgable support staff are there for you 24 hours a day, even on holidays.
Colaboration: Get everyone to work together better with tools from 20after4.net. From file sharing to idea sharing and project management we can help make teamwork easier.
Integration: Integrate your business! Let us create a complete custom solution that integrates and organizes all of your software needs into a single package.

Advanced Server Technology:

Resin(TM): This advanced application server from Caucho Technology provides a robust, high-performance platform for hosting web applications. Support for the latest JSP & Servlet specifications, load balancing and redundancy, XML, XSL, etc, etc...

Load Balancing:
Using Resin's load balancing features allows your application to be distributed between multiple servers. If a server fails, one of the others can take over, if one gets to busy, there will be another available to handle the load. We run backup servers in order to provide nearly 100% availability, say goodbye to downtime, with 20after4.net your application will be available when you need it.

PHP: This server side, 'HTML-Embedded' scripting language is easy to use, simple and efficient. With many extra features provided by a wide variety of extensions, PHP can adapt to almost any task imaginable. We have PHP installed as an Apache module which allows scripts to be executed without launching an external interpreter. Since the PHP program is built in to the web server, PHP scripts can be executed with little overhead, unlike CGI programs.

MySQL: A small and efficient SQL database server, when combined with PHP (or java using JDBC) MySQL can be used to create advanced data-driven, web-based applications.

More information:

Please contact us with your application hosting needs and we will discuss a custom solution, if we are online you can click the icon on the left side of your screen to chat with us in real time.
[email protected]

If you already have an application and you need a server to host it on, you can check out our web hosting services: Click Here

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